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His Grace, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP - "St Antoninus and the New Evangelisation in the World of Business"

  • 13 March 2015
  • Hilton Hotel Sydney

The Business Network luncheon held on 13 March had the biggest attendance by far with over 200 guests enjoying the Hilton’s gracious hospitality. Keynote speaker Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP drew inspiration from 15th century fellow Dominican and moral theologian St Antoninus of Florence to highlight the correlation between business and ethics.

Archbishop Fisher reminded those gathered that business and Church do not occupy separate spheres but rather overlap and even complement each other. The Church while guided ultimately by its moral core, benefits nevertheless from commerce’s operational principles. The latter, on the other hand, maintains its integrity and increases its social standing by allowing traditional moral principles to permeate its actions. One certainly does not have to abandon one’s inner social conscience to survive the tough world of business, nor eschew professionalism to work in a pastoral environment.

Such matters faced by today’s business people are not new either, as trade and banking, for example, have existed for centuries.

Archbishop Fisher called for a conscious awareness of our actions as having an impact not only on our immediate environment and future, and that their resounding influence does affect whole communities and impacts on our social culture for generations to come.

‘Evangelisation’ is not some faraway idealised notion and should never be restricted to the Church alone – it comes from all of us who have an honest commitment to social justice and uphold our own sense of ‘Godliness’ by doing what is right and what is good.

Should you wish to read Archbishop Fisher’s key note address in full, please click here.